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Preparation of TOR for government executive personnel

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2023-12-15 14:43:37

Finance Division, SUAN SUNANDHA RAJABHAT UNIVERSITY Schedule a training project in the curriculum

** Adjusting the basics and increasing operational efficiency, creating knowledge about procurement processes and TOR preparation for government executive personnel.**

*1st generation : 25-26 November 2023

At Duangtawan Hotel, Chiangmai Mai

Lectures by Former Director of High Finance Academic Affairs, Specialized Finance Academician Average Price Standards Working Group, Government Procurement and Average Price System Division, Comptroller General's Department, currently the Provincial Treasury position.

???? Register : https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLScfz10hc1FySA.../viewform

???????? Registration fee 3,900 baht ????????

Ask for details at

???? : 02-160-1115

LINE : https://lin.ee/KXh22ha

????Additional project details, training dates and locations. : https://finance.ssru.ac.th/th/news/view/-project2567